Every time I read a piece about a group of people who do not want to be thought of differently because they consider themselves to be in a minority group but then asked to be treated differently I wonder why.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting about a group called The Thought Club that has a series of “pop-up events” to make public spaces inclusive for the LGBTQ community.  Isabella Copeland said she invites the “queer community”:

into a space that is not explicitly LGBTQ friendly or inclusive

She went on to say that she ensures the event includes:

queer-inclusive programming

What is “queer-inclusive programming” that must be allowed in places of business?

She went on to explain that she calls this “queering spaces,” which apparently then makes those businesses inclusive.  She went on to explain that:

A straight person can assume a bar, restaurant or entertainment venue is safe for them, and this concept applies widely to other institutions and spaces

How would a bar, restaurant or entertainment venue not be safe for someone who looks like you or I thus no one would know who you prefer to sleep with.  Now I understand if you were holding hands or hugging that is different but really these days most people do not care about that unless you get overly affectionate with each other.  When it comes to heterosexuals people do not want to see them become overly affectionate with each other in public either.

People are people are they not?

No matter who you want to sleep with or spend time with does not detract from the fact that in public you are a person just like everyone else.  For a community that wants to be accepted for who they are and not who they prefer to spend time with they sure want to be treated differently.

Heterosexuals do not walk into a place of business i.e. a LGBTQ bar and expect to be treated differently than anyone else.  Unless you proclaim who and what you are how is anyone supposed to know you other than the way you present yourself.

The LGBTQ activist say they will only do business with inclusive enterprises and will boycott the ones they feel are not.  If as a business owner I could care less who comes into my establishment and treat all people the same thus do not have any explicit LGBTQ inclusive programming does that mean they will boycott me?

Sounds bigoted and unfair to me.  How would the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act protect me against people like that?

As I stated many times on my show the left has left Martin Luther King Jr. in the dust.  Can we not once again strive to do what MLK rightfully stated:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

I would add to his quote; judged by the person I prefer to sleep with or be.

We heterosexuals are being confused by many activist in the LGBTQ community when they ask to be accepted for who they are, rightfully so I might add, but then want to be treated either differently or special.

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