In a move so ridiculous it is utterly unbelievable the United States Senate has approved a financial bailout of Puerto Rico. The fact the the Senate could even consider such a deal let alone approve such a boondoggle is mind blowing!

Puerto Rico is billions of dollars in debt as a result of 50 years of failed social programs and excess spending that have sunk the once prosperous island into a sea of debt. In fact in the 1950’s and early 1960’s about 90% of PR’s residents had jobs in the private sector. Today San Juan is leading an island that has something on the order of 60% of it’s residents taking a government check, less than 40% actually have jobs and many of those are working for the government. Now the welfare state disaster is being bailed out with your money and mine. Republicans have joined with far left wing Democrats to give an approval to the years of reckless spending and covering the cost.

Now, it’s not that bailing out the PR is really that bad. No, the real problem is the debt being carried by Illinois, New York, California and every other dark recess of failed socialist policies come with much bigger debt problems and now the US Senate has said it’s ok- the American taxpayer will foot the bill.

It is a catastrophe on any measure!

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