We can all get caught up in the fog of a political campaign and the negatives that are thrown by each candidate at each other.

But we should not.

They are two different candidates that have different views and policies which they intend to lead and take our country in the future.

I read an article by Victor Davis Hanson published in The Washington Times that pointed out their differences very well.

Let’s talk about Hillary and some of her proposed policies:

Hillary is now wedded to the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, partly due to her primary campaign against Bernie.  Due to that she will probably reverse many of the centrist agendas of her husband Bill Clinton’s administration.

Hillary has stated she will continue President Obama’s lead-from-behind foreign policy.  When it comes to Islam, Hillary likely would mimic President Obama’s policy of not referring to Islam at all concerning the terror attacks against innocent people by extremist Islamic terrorist.

Hillary has stated she will raise taxes on the upper-income brackets and expand government in continuance of the Obama tradition.  Raising taxes on the upper income will not bring in enough cash to support her spending proposals, which means she will either raise taxes on the middle class like President Obama has done or incur further debt.

Hillary has stated she will increase welfare and cut spending in the defense of our country.  Would you say now is the time to reduce spending on national defense, if so you would be in agreement with this policy.

Hillary will continue to waster taxpayer money on Global warming schemes.

Hillary will continue the assault against the 2nd amendment that President Obama and the Democrat party has been waging.

Now let us look Trump and his proposed policies:

As Victor Davis Hanson wrote in his article “Trump is a Jacksonian nationalist who likely would choose America’s friends and enemies solely on the basis of perceived national interests.”  Interesting that he might first look at the perceived interest of the United States, you would think every President would put that first.

Trump is at least talking about revising our tax code and lowering taxes on the middle class.  He has also spoke about getting rid of government regulation which are not needed, were implemented for no real reason and are a drag on our economy.  He is also seeking business-orientated solutions to the economy.  Business men do know how to create jobs and bring in more taxes to our treasury.

Trump talks about cutting overall spending but increasing spending our national defense.

Trump has made a big point about closing our borders to illegal immigration by building a wall at the border and would also look to end the illegal sanctuary cities

Trump would protect our 2nd amendment, enough said.

Yes these are policies that are spoken of on the campaign trail, so will they all be enacted.  Who knows, one thing we do know is that Trump will be an agent of change and Hillary has stated she will not.

So there are big differences in these candidates, differences you should consider when choosing our next president.

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