How much further are we going to allow this attack on Christians to go on?

The Daily Caller is reporting that the Colorado Springs Transit Agency has ruled that they will no longer allow a Colorado pastor to advertise his church at their bus stop using the name Jesus.

The pastor was quoted in the article stating:

I asked them why we could no longer use the name of Jesus

He was told by the Colorado Springs Transit Agency:

They said it’s because, ‘If you use the name of Jesus, we must allow hate messaging

Hate messaging?  I guess that means the name Jesus is now a word of hate in the Colorado Springs government, and is too offensive to some people.

He was also told by the agency that someone complained about it, and that is why they started down this path to ban the word Jesus.

Really? So now if someone complains about something, the Colorado Springs government will ban the word, words or practice?

Is that the path they really want to go down?  This slippery slope has no bottom.  Will they be intellectually honest and ban anything that someone complains about?  How about property taxes being too high, or the fact that people in the Colorado Springs government are paid too much? Will they take action against that?

When will this attack on Christianity end?  Who will stand up for Christians?

You do not even need to be a religious person to be concerned with this.  This type of attack can be coming to something you value next.  You must ask yourself when is enough, enough.

The pastor has advertised for years on bus stop benches with the phrases “Celebrate Jesus,” or “Experience Jesus”.

Does that sound so bad to you, is the name Jesus offensive to you?

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