Students are done with their final exams and are looking to take on more projects.

About 200 volunteers and 41 student attorneys from the University of Michigan have joined forces to create the Michigan Law COVID Corps a little over a month ago. Their goal is to help provide people with free legal assistance with matters related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The group was launched by first-year law student Maiya Moncino, who started the project to help with housing, voting, worker's rights, and bringing down the prison population. The group has since taken on about 15 projects related to the coronavirus.

“I believe it is our responsibility as members of the legal community to provide support in any way we can. We hope to alleviate the burden many Michiganders are shouldering while mobilizing law students to get involved," second-year law student Brooke Simone told The Detroit News.

In short, the group wants to make sure that Michiganders are able to keep their most basic rights during the pandemic. Michigan Law COVID Corps also wants to ensure that people have the ability to vote during the pandemic. They are also offering some services for small businesses.

I absolutely LOVE the way that they are stepping up for the greater good. A lot of people love to trash talk the younger generations, but these young adults aren't just packing up and going home to party for the summer - they're getting together for THIS.

If you'd like to request legal services from Michigan Law COVID Corps, click HERE.

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