Anytime you hear a story of a nurse, teacher or care-provider losing their minds on someone you have to wonder "Why did they choose this profession?"  I'm not suggesting patients and students are always "in the right," but that's the nature of the job you're signing up to do.

Off my soap box, now. A 4-year-old was doing what 4-year-olds do:  have fun, throw fits and sometimes hit or bite people.  This kid bit another kid, and the childcare woman BIT THE KID BACK as a form of punishment.  "Eye for an Eye" punishment -- not sure they teach that to childcare professionals (sarcasm).

The State of Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs got involved in the September 2022 incident by barring Deborah Loudin from operating a childcare facility ever again, thankfully. The childcare facility, where she worked, is on the west side of Michigan in Allegan County.  Loudin readily admitted she did indeed bite the kid under her care, but it gets even more uncomfy.

According to a Mid-Michigan Now & NBC25 report, the state asked Loudin if she ever slapped a kid in the face... "I don't think so. Not this month" Loudin told the State.

Doesn't sound like the type of person you want around your children.  It's already difficult for most parents to trust caregivers to look after their offspring while they work--stories like these add to that anxiety, no doubt.  It's a great reminder to do your homework before you choose AND report anything that happens so proper authorities and agencies can intervene.

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As we all learned in kindergarten:  treat people the way you want to be treated.

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