We just don’t care anymore. We have put up with an ever larger helping of liberal bias in the movies, music, TV shows, magazines, newspapers and just about every other corner of the entertainment industry. It seems they have all become part of the Liberal Zombie Apocalypse, marching nearly mindlessly to their own agenda completely unaware of the people and country around them. They continue on despite the heavy pushback from all over America and the rejection at the box office and in broadcast ratings.

Identity politics is coming apart at the seams even as its most ardent advocate Hillary Clinton scrambles from safe space to safe space hoping to convince anyone that will listen, her epic defeat in November at the hands of Donald Trump was somehow not in any way her fault. It seems the only ones buying into that notion are the ones that live in the entertainment bubbles in New York or in Hollywood. The rest of the world is not longer entertained by the stark raving madness of Alec Baldwin or Stephen Colbert and I can guarantee you none of us in the real world take them seriously or consider them role models. Need I remind you of the vulgar tirade of Alec Baldwin that caught everyone’s attention for it’s sheer depravity? Oh, which one you ask? There have been so many it is hard to remember which one. And his childish behavior is just one easy example of why Hollywood is recording it’s worst year on record and why network television is failing. This is one reason cable subscriptions are plunging and people are exiting the NFL fan base. We have had so much liberal garbage shoved in our throats lately that we are collectively vomiting and still they don’t get it.

Instead of realizing they are offending millions of people that used to pay to see their movies, hear their music or watch their TV shows the wildly left Hollywood crowd continues to veer into the ditch of irrelevance. These folks are so focused on their divisive ideology that they are blinded by their own self-defeating ignorance.

Maybe they will pay attention when the ratings have plummeted so far that the money runs out because their movies don’t get made, their albums don’t get released, their newspapers go bankrupt, their magazines go extinct and the TV shows get cancelled. But some are so obtuse they may never get it.

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