So what is the crime? CNN, NBC and their partners in Washington that call themselves Senators and members of Congress are running around using terms like collusion and obstruction of justice. They point to anonymous sources and allegations that President Trump coordinated his campaign with Russia and it’s government agents to win the White House.

So far nobody has actually explained how that would have occurred or how it could have occurred. In fact, former President Barack Obama claims to have warned President Trump about General Michael Flynn but failed to remove him from the position he held in the Obama Administration. If there was something nefarious going on why wouldn’t Obama have done something about it?

No one has been able to explain what the actual crime is that we are looking for but have yet been able to find. So what is it? Is it a crime to talk to Russians while running for President? No. Is it a crime for the President to share intelligence with a foreign country including Russia? No. Is it a crime to suggest the intel community focus on leaks from the US Government instead of General Flynn who had been fired several weeks earlier? No. Not one of those things is a crime.

CNN however is so willing to tarnish President Trump that one of their persistent hateful commentators said that even if there was no collusion and even if there was no crime committed beforehand- asking for the intel community to focus on leaks instead of investigating Michael Flynn would constitute the crime of obstruction of justice. Really? No crime except asking to focus on leaks?

This is the biggest pile of nothing I have ever seen.

I am not saying that no crime has been committed. I do not know but after more than a year of investigations somebody needs to show me something I like to call evidence. Show me evidence of a crime having been committed. Show me something.

The Democrats and their willing media partners have not showed one piece of actual credible evidence of any crime committed by the President or his campaign. Instead they are focusing on buzzwords like collusion and obstruction, they are parsing words to extract contorted meanings. They are relying on innuendo by trying to draw comparisons to Watergate because lets be honest, after all somebody needs to be, there is no evidence of any crime committed anywhere in all the investigations. The best they can muster so far is that Michael Flynn didn’t properly report his income from a Russian speech. That is the sum total.

If real evidence exists I am glad to look at it but until then I will presume innocence.

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