Kathy Griffin’s reprehensible stunt where she appears to be holding the severed head of President Donald Trump has put her career in the toilet where it belongs.

Squatty Potty was the first company to dump the alleged comedian for her vile attack on the President and frankly all that voted for him. Venues where she was scheduled to appear in the coming months including a casino on Route 66 are also dumping her for the vulgar assault on Trump.

This appears to be the line that even liberals will not cross, at least not in public, though I am sure there are many in the shadows that are just fine with this kind of filth.

Griffin’s descent into the cesspool began when CNN announced it was severing her contract. Of course that took more than 24 hours and that should tell you plenty about that network and what they stand for. The truth is CNN and it’s hateful commentary on the President through the mouths of news-like hosts Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon should continue to clean house and as my mother would say clean up it’s act.

Simply put; firing Kathy Griffin is not enough!

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