Should you be able to fly an American flag outside your home whenever you wish?

That is the question.

Fox News is reporting about a neighborhood in Georgia in which the homeowners associations (HOA) is limiting the number of days a homeowner can fly the American flag outside their home to 23 days a year.

The HOA sent an email to their homeowners which informed them they can only fly the American flag outside their homes on certain days and those days total 23 a year, those days mostly correspond with holidays.  They can also not have a flag pole in their yard, the flag holder must be attached to their homes.

In the email the HOA stated this rule was to:

maintain the aesthetic and architectural theme of the community

In the article a U.S. Navy veteran, Tom Wilder, was quoted stating:

You don't mess with my flag, we should be able to put up the flag anytime we want

Another homeowner and veteran, Pete Rockett, was quoted in the article stating:

To me, you're basically saying it's a Christmas decoration

What have we as a nation come to when people seem to respect the American Flag less than the respect it deserves.  I understand some people believe that others treat the American as an object of worship as opposed to the principals it stands for.  The flag is just material but what it stands for is much deeper.

There were millions of people who have fought and died for what that flag stands for, yes it is only material but the symbolism behind that flag it was counts. 

We would not have the freedoms we have today without those principals the flag stands for. 

We would not live the kind of lives we live today without the idea of “We the people” that flag stands for.

We would not be that “shiny city on the hill” without everything that the American flag stands for.

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