Despite a swarming national press and aligned members of the Democratic party in full on attack mode the Presidents approval numbers are going higher this week. According to Rasmussen, Donald Trump despite being the focus of a firestorm of criticism from the talking heads is doing better than one would expect. But remember Trump has been defying the odds and gravity since he first announced his intention to run for office in 2015.

With the press and the left coming at him almost non-stop and talking endlessly about a White House in chaos he strode to the podium like a Midway Hawker summoned to the sights and sounds of the carnival. With deft precision the Commander in Chief gave the press something they haven’t had in a really long time; a reality check. The days of the press swooning over Barack Obama with chills running up their legs are gone. Those days are replaced with a guy who says things to the press most of you would like to. Lucky for me I get that chance all the time but wasn’t it fun to watch Donald Trump eviscerate the smugness right out of that bunch by hammering them on being totally dishonest and lets be frank; that is right on the money.

Most of these clowns really believe the Russians somehow rigged the election and if they help throw gas on the ‘Resistance Movement’ that somehow Hillary will be resurrected from the Progressive Grave. I’ve a bit of bad news for you however; if you’re looking for a liberal savior you’d better get to it. Seems in a brand new Boston Herald poll the artificial Indian Elizabeth Warren gets trounced badly in a match up with Donald Trump. Yep, the old faux native gets pummeled by the guy folks on the left denigrate, insult, label, smear, attack, rip, chuck, slap and call Cheetoh-Man. All to no avail it seems.

I mean did you see the twinkle in his eye? He was in full campaign mode today and that is when Donald Trump is at his very best. He enjoyed every minute of it. The best move President Trump could make right now would be to fire Sean Spicer right now and do the job himself. The ratings would be through the roof.

There is little debate that the press from well before the election has hammered the President and many would agree that it has been unfair. The coverage has been consistently very negative and that is hard to argue.

And hey lets be honest playing smash mouth football with the press has been a winning play for the President for a very long time. Punching them in the nose wins big with his supporters and I think there is a lot of silent support as well.

I look forward to the next press conference and I am guessing you might be too.

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