Donald Trumps run to capture Michigan and the 15 electoral votes that could be critical in the November 8th Presidential election is becoming a bigger priority. The Trump campaign is opening at least 8 new statewide offices to increase the campaigns presence on the ground. The campaign already had 5 offices but those were only opened about a month ago so this is a significant investment into the state with less than 8 weeks to go before the election.

Michigan has gone for Democrats since 1988 but there has been a shift in this election that has moved the state into play.

As a result Trump has made 5 trips to the state since the end of the Republican National Convention in July. His latest trip was a visit to the Democratic stronghold of Flint, which is also the center of national outrage over lead contamination in the cities water supply.

“Donald Trump is fighting for Michigan and I would not be surprised if he pulls it off” said one observer.

To be honest- neither would I.