So, Hillary Clinton appears to collapse and get literally dragged into her waiting van after abruptly leaving a 9-11 gathering in New York on Sunday morning. For just over 90 minutes her campaign was silent. Begrudgingly, they finally came out to say she had simply over-heated and needed to cool off.

We now know that is not true. In fact, we are being told she was diagnosed with pneumonia and taking medication. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

Her handlers looked like they had done this drill before and tried to act very casual about the whole thing that was anything but casual.

The video is about twenty seconds that captures Hillary appearing to pass-out despite her staffs best efforts to encircled her, trying to block what had been taped by an onlooker. It is clear in the video that she buckled when she made an attempt to get to her waiting vehicle. Two very large men, possibly Secret Service Agents lifted her under her arms but she clearly slumps, appearing to pass-out and her toes can clearly be seen dragging with her feet limp and pointing backwards.

Where was the press you ask? Why are we relying on some guy with his cell-phone? Well they were in effect detained by the campaign, told they could not move, and could not leave an area they were cordoned off in. The press was held at bay while she was taken out back and escorted to the escape vehicle. If not for the man with the cell phone, none of this would be public knowledge.

Clinton’s campaign, her defenders on the left and in the media can no longer hide the fact that her health is a major campaign issue. That’s right is it now a major campaign issue. Those like Dr. Sanjay Gupta who ridiculed people for questioning her health have been proven very wrong. Chris Cilizza of the Washington Post who just last week said Clinton’s health is not an issue- corrected himself today and said it certainly is now.

After Clinton was effectively stuffed into the waiting escape van behind a wall of her people, the motorcade roared away. Nobody was told where the candidate was going or what her condition was at that point. During the same time, the cell-phone video was uploaded and going viral on Facebook and Twitter. An hour and a half passed while the nation was in the dark. Her campaign remained silent. Finally, the campaign came out to say she had over-heated and was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment. That was it. However, we later would learn that wasn’t really the whole story. Nothing was said about the pneumonia or the drugs.

A couple of hours later Clinton emerged from the apartment, smiled, waved and then went back to her home in Chappaqua, New York. She was nowhere close enough for any members of the press to ask a question- not that it would matter with her.

Then in a stunning announcement Sunday night her campaign produced a statement from Clinton’s personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack saying she has pneumonia and that diagnosis was made on Friday. Dr. Bardack said she told Clinton at that time that her schedule would need to be modified and greatly reduced.

Clinton however went to a swanky fundraiser on Friday and referred to half of Donald Trump supporters as a ‘Basket of Deplorables.’ That is another media firestorm that is still burning across Twitter, Facebook and cyberspace.

I cannot decide which is more stunning, the fact that she has pneumonia and all the people on-line were right or the fact that she was apparently diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, taking anti-biotics and we were not told until Sunday. There was a complete lack of transparency from Clinton and her campaign all weekend.

I am not surprised but it caps off the worst three days of her campaign so far.

By the way pneumonia is usually diagnosed with a hospital visit to get a chest x-ray. Did Hillary Clinton sneak off to a hospital at some point and get checked out? Or did Dr. Bardack make the diagnosis with a stethoscope and a list of symptoms that by the way include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, wheezing and production of sputum.

You mean the coughing fits as of late could have been the serious health concern that Clinton and her protectors have been dismissing as a vast right-wing conspiracy? Yes, the coughing fits could easily be a clear symptom of bacterial pneumonia. Keep in mind that pneumonia can also be viral. One of the best ways to find out the difference is blood tests to check white-cell counts and such. Has Hillary Clinton been conducting blood tests?

Political pundit Doug Schoen, close friend and former pollster for her husband President Bill Clinton says she needs to worry about her health first and the campaign second.

Pundits, myself included, think the pneumonia is a big story but her attack on American voters with her inexcusable comments that they are a ‘basket of deplorables’ will be the real problem she has to face.

We will see what kind of effect this has on the polls over the next few weeks.