There used to be a saying, “That will never happen in America, Americans would never stand for that!” I however don’t think that’s true anymore. In fact in this political environment it seems to me almost anything could happen. When I hear so-called educated people blather on about changing the Constitution and that ‘Hate Speech is not protected by the First Amendment,” I cringe. I hear them demand protections of all sorts of new classes because of concerns over discrimination and hate crimes.

The question now has really become, “What will American's stand for?” Or even more to the point what does America itself stand for?

One of the latest battlefields in the culture war for America’s soul is the idea of Transgenderism. Some others call it Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Dysphoria. Others just refer to it as Gender Denial. Whatever you call it, it has created harsh rhetoric and hardened feelings on both sides of the debate. Some would have you believe that men are born into women’s bodies and men are born into women’s bodies. The biological truth seems to not support that notion however. But people do seem to go too far in pushing back. There is no need to attack and denigrate those that believe they are transgender, they are protected under the same Constitution as you and me. Their rights are no less than those God given rights afforded all of us.

But that isn’t enough for many radical activists who demand that we amend everything to accommodate their perceived slights from society. They are demanding that in tact men and women have full access to any facility they believe they identify with. They demand that children as young as Kindergarten be afforded these same rights. When those on the other side scream foul, they scream bigot. Such is the nature of the vile political discourse in America today. Everybody is screaming and nobody is listening.

This however raises serious questions about how far are we willing to go in an effort to pacify those making demands on us, our local towns, our counties, our state and our nation?

Seriously, have we become so passive and docile that we will merely surrender our daughter's and granddaughter's modesty and safety simply because we are afraid of being called names like Transphobic or because we might lose a few friends? There comes a time when having a civil conversation becomes unlikely or impossible altogether.

So that leaves me with more questions.

Don't the younger women in our society deserve more from us than just giving in? All it takes is one young man to enter the girls locker room or restroom under a false premise to change a young woman's life forever. Don't let one meeting decide this issue. You have a right to petition for a redress of your grievances. You have a right to be heard and taken seriously too. You don’t have to be an echo chamber for those with whom you do not agree.

Protest, write letters to the editor, post on social media, bring back shame into the equation and get this into the courts if need be. Do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to make your point and hold your ground. This is your country too.

By the way I find the term Transphobic to be inaccurate and silly quite frankly. I am not afraid of someone that is of the belief they are something other than what they were born. Just because I don’t subscribe to someone’s point of view certainly doesn’t make me fear him or her. That is just another myth put forth to distract us by those whose arguments do not stand up under the bright lights.

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