Williamston and it’s school district has become the flashpoint for the culture war over transgender issues that are becoming hot button issues around the country.

Residents in the Willaimston District have initiated a recall effort against school board President Greg Talberg, who is also running for the 67th State House seat.

The addition of Transgender Non-Conforming language by the School Board to numerous policies sparked outrage among parents and students weeks ago. It seems the board is unfazed and has the numbers to pass the measures at the upcoming School Board meeting set for November 6, 2017, but it may not last if some residents get their way.

The recall language was filed with the Ingham County Clerks office Monday and initiates a process to have Talberg removed from the board. At least three other board members are also being targeted for voting in support of the controversial policies.

Those pushing the recall efforts will now have to go through a specific process of collecting signatures, putting together language for a ballot, and selecting possible replacements for targeted members. It is also something that will cost the district money as it is on the hook for the cost of a recall election.

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