Congressman Tom McClintock.


 Steve Gruber: Congressman, Welcome to the Program.

Tom McClintock: Thanks for having me.

Steve Gruber: I'm not wrong about that. I mean you're one of the few surviving members of the Republican Party alive in the wild in

Tom McClintock: There are 53 Congressional members from California seven of us are Republican.
Steve Gruber: Yeah, and I think a lot of that has to do with ballot harvesting, and we'll get to that at some point, but maybe not today. What I want to ask you about is simply this. I was with the president in the Oval Office here a couple of weeks ago talking to him, and impeachment came up. Of course, I was also in Battle Creek Michigan on Wednesday. The vote was taken while he was on stage and he said, you know, not one Republican not one when across the aisle and there's some Republicans that you could think well, maybe they would Fred Upton comes to mind for Michigan to be a guy who well, you know, maybe he's not as salty behind Trump not a big fan of trump. I would say but not one Republican in the end crossed over three Democrats did on one of the votes for on another just from where you sit.

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