We know that the left loves bringing issues to the ballot via collecting signatures from Michigan citizens that they are unable to convince enough state legislators to do.

How about a ballot initiative that I believe more and more people from all sides of politics are beginning to agree with?  That would be limiting the emergency declaration powers of any Governor of Michigan.

Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell a Republican from Dryden is going to do exactly that.  Last week Mitchell filed a lawsuit against Whitmer, stating that her executive orders had violated his and the citizens of Michigan’s rights. Now, he has formed a ballot committee named “Say Yes to MI Constitution” to start his ballot drive to curtail the emergency declaration powers of Governor Whitmer and any future Governors of Michigan.

In a statement Congressman Mitchell said:

"Michiganders elect members of the Legislature to represent them in our government…Unfortunately, Gov. Whitmer is misusing her powers to rewrite laws, court decisions and insists she can dial up these powers whenever she sees fit”

He went on to say:

"That is not the way our Michigan Constitution works and I am forming this ballot committee to make that crystal clear. The Legislature and the people of Michigan should always have a voice."

If the Say Yes to MI Constitution group can collect more than 340,000 signatures the issue could be accepted by the legislature as written or be brought up to a vote by the citizens of Michigan.   If the bill would be accepted by the legislature or voted in by the citizens of Michigan the Governor would not be able to veto the law.

As I have stated in a piece I published on April 28th:

I have a solution, a solution I suggested weeks ago.  Why don’t they consider creating a committee, after the first 28 days are up, chaired by the Governor with the House Speaker and minority leader and the Senate Majority and Minority leader on that committee?  They can then truly be “partners” in leading Michigan through whatever “emergency” crisis there might be.

After the first 28 days, I really do not see a need to give total dictatorial powers to one person over the entire state.

Do you?

Would you sign this ballot initiative?

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