When it is the middle of winter, we are wishing it were summer. And this year Mother Nature was good to us with an early spring. It officially became summer on June 21st, but we have already had a few 90-degree days already this month. The forecast is calling for 90 degree plus temperatures, but what we are entering now is not at all like a normal Michigan heatwave. Granted people in various parts of Michigan from the south to the UP have different thoughts on what a heatwave is to them in their location. There is no doubt, this will be an extremely hot stretch. By the end of next week most of Michigan will have experienced at least five days of temps in the low to mid 90’s.

What makes this heatwave different than what we are used to is the humidity. It will be exceptionally low, it will feel like Arizona heat, dry and hot. Normally our state sees humidity at 45% to 55% when experiencing 90-degree temperatures. The coming wave will see our humidity levels drop to less than 30%. This is the kind of heatwave where you will want to protect your plants, vegetables, and flowers. Especially newly planted ones. Normally hot weather causes dryness, with the low humidity in the mix we will see extreme dryness. Make sure and water your plants well every day.

MLive says “When we combine the effects of temperature and humidity together, we get a heat index or feels like temperature. Notice the feels like temperature could be a degree or two cooler than the actual temperature. This is just a guide that tells you humidity will not make it feel even hotter.” One inadequacy in a feel like condition is not using the heat of the sunshine. This should be a very sunny pattern, which also makes you feel hotter. Enjoy your sizzling summer days, and be sure to take care of yourself as well, drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated and use your sunscreen if you are outside a lot. This is what you have waited all winter for! Now you can complain about it being too hot.

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