There could be nothing more terrifying than driving on a limited access expressway and facing a driver going the wrong way. It happened again recently on US 131 between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Watch this police dash cam from an officer with the City of Wyoming Police Department take on the driver.

WOOD TV8 identifies the officer as Tony Jacobs. The investigation of the incident revealed the driver was drowsy and appeared to the officer to perhaps be asleep at the wheel.

Video from Jacob's cruiser shows him pulling alongside the wrong-way vehicle, which was traveling around 50 to 60 mph. That's when Jacob noticed the driver appeared to be sleeping. The dash camera video shows Jacob using his cruiser to push the car to a stop.

The department says Jacob's quick-thinking almost certainly prevented a head-on crash.

The wrong-way driver told authorities he had been awake for more than 40 hours. A police lieutenant says the driver was ticketed for reckless driving.

Wrong way driving has been a problem in the Jackson area resulting in the Michigan Department of Transportation installing a very bright sign at an I-94 exit ramp.

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