Cadillac State Trooper Tyler Baker is being credited with saving an 84 year-old man suffering a stroke, while driving down US-131.

A call came in that a car was driving down southbound US-131 with 4 flat tires. They reported the vehicle near exit 188. Trooper Baker spotted the car and tried to pull him over but he didn't get a response. He pulled up next to the car to pull the car over with hand gestures and that didn't work either. So, he pulled in front of the car and stopped it with his patrol vehicle. They call it the Roscoe P. Coltrane. (Not really Dukes of Hazzard reference for the younger people)

The 84 year-old man driving was having a stroke and emergency services were called. He was transported to a local hospital and is recovering there.

The man had driven more than 100 miles on the shredded tires and his brakes were inoperable. You have to wonder if officer Baker saved his life and countless others who may have been injured.

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