According to ESPN, a University of Michigan alum has made quite the bet out in Vegas on the Spartans to win the National Championship game.

Back in November when the Spartans were not playing their best basketball, Derek Stevens went to the Golden Nugget and placed a $20,000 bet on the Spartans to win it all. Pretty bold bet coming from a Wolverine grad, and even bolder because, well, the Spartans weren't very good then. Stevens, though, is the owner of The D Casino in Las Vegas, so say what you will, but he may know a thing or two about gambling.

That being said, he knew what he was getting in to when he made his $20,000 bet at those intense 50 to 1 odds. So, what's the payout on a big bet like that? Well Stevens did that math for us on his Twitter page, when he posted a photo of his gambling slip.

So I ask you, the people of Lansing, what was the biggest bet you ever made? Whether at a casino or with a friend or whatever. When have you risked a bunch and hopefully had some sort of payout, good or bad?