The United States has a massive number of firearms in the hands of private citizens, which of course is readily verified and universally accepted. The N.I.C.S. federal firearm background check system shows an incredible 200,226,838 background checks from November 1998 through November 2014. Additionally, the majority of these weapons are classified as modern firearms, which roughly translated means firearms produced after about 1901.

Despite these easily verifiable statistics, the Pew Research Center a nonpartisan think-tank, conducted a study last year on firearm violence between 1993 and 2013 and arrived at conclusions those in the anti-gun crowd refuse to accept. The findings, which are also supported across the board by the FBI universal crime report, found a nearly 50% drop in firearm related homicides and a drop of almost 70% in the number of victims wounded by a firearm.

Furthermore, this more than 20 year decline has happened steadily over the two decade period. In short, the U.S. has a massive and ever-increasing number of firearms in private hands but is also enjoying a long-term steady decrease in firearm violence, firearm crimes and most importantly firearm homicides.

With regard to the alleged increase in the number of mass shootings, as with all firearm violence in the U.S., gun control proponents focus solely on “HOW” the crime was committed. They completely ignore the question of “WHY” it was committed in the first place. Ignoring the proven sources of violence such as: illicit drugs, mental illness, childhood abuse and so forth will always be gun controls fatal flaw.

Anti-gun studies almost invariably include convicted criminals in with lawful gun owners–because the rate of violence among criminals of course is multiples higher than the general public.

It is totally dishonest to say “nobody wants to take your guns,” otherwise we wouldn’t even have these discussions at all. It is also patently dishonest for so called anti-gun ‘experts’ to call for regulations or bans based on certain features, but fall back on “I’m not a gun expert” when asked why these particular features are of concern. It is also dishonest to say “I support the second amendment, but…” and then be unable to give even a rough idea of what that perverted view of the second amendment would actually protect.

It really comes as no surprise that despite the falling rates of violent crime that is almost proportional to the dramatic rise in the number of guns in America, that the anti-gun crown ignores the truth in pursuit of the progressive ideology that requires us all to rely on the state for everything. The most important thing the state must provide in the twisted Marxist/Progressive/Democratic world view is apparently security.

Thank you, but I’m fine. I am happy to continue determining the manner win which my family will be protected and with which piece of equipment. You see my world view begins and ends with accountability.