Why is it so hard for people to call something by it’s proper name? This was the lesson Alexander Supertramp learned too late in his life- after he had unwittingly poisoned himself with a fatal dose of toxin in the Alaskan Bush.

Today it seems the media and too many others are trying to protect us from the word terrorist and for the life of me I am not sure. They will go to extraordinary lengths to call those that kill innocents such things as extremists, or militants when in fact they are without doubt terrorists.

Lets have a little quiz shall we?

Ok here we go, question number one, an angry man spewing hatred of western nations and people takes a knife from his pocket and saws off the head of an international aid worker- what is he:

a.)   A militant

b.)  A political action figure

c.)   An extremist

d.)  A terrorist

e.)   A guy with workplace violence issues

OK- next question: A guy takes over a chocolate shop downtown and in the end he and two people inside are dead. During the ordeal he demands an official ISIS flag is he:

a.)   A disgruntled employee

b.)  A guy needing a serious chocolate fix

c.)   An extremist

d.)  A militant

e.)   A terrorist

Finally- a group of gun wielding men assault a school full of extraordinary kids and start shooting- before it’s over more than 125 people are dead most are children between the age of 5 and 14. This group of men are:

a.)   a disgruntled soccer team

b.)  a group of terrorists

c.)   some guys that got lost on the way to the war

d.)  militants

e.)   extremists

Supertramp realized too late how important it is to call everything by it’s proper name. His real name was Christopher McCandless and he was found dead in an abandoned school bus in Alaska. He’d eaten one berry thinking it was another while calling himself the wrong name. In the end he died of poisoning. If we as a nation and a people don’t start calling terrorists exactly what they are we are sure to pay a price similar to McCandless.