Yes, the selfish people won again.

According to local WBZ-TV CBS News in Boston, a school in Cambridge, Mass. cancelled an appearance by Santa the day before its winter concert.

Yes, you heard that right. Santa is too polarizing of a figure, so he was told he was not welcome in the school.

The school principal sent a letter home to parents on Thursday to let them know of the change.

The letter said in part, “I am writing to you today to inform you of a change in our concert series this winter. Our first- through fourth-grade concert, as well as our Kindergarten concert, will not include a visit from Santa Claus this year.”

A parent of two children at the school stated that the decision to tell Santa to stay in the North Pole was based on a complaint.

“I don’t think it’s right, and I know a lot of people agree with me,” said Thompson. “It seems like that’s what’s going on in America – the squeaky wheel gets oil. It’s a shame.”

Another parent Mohammed Hassan stated he does not see Santa Claus as a religious symbol.

“Kids like that, it’s fun for kids, which is good,” Hassan said.

As usual when dealing with tax payer funded schools, the principal and city superintendent did not return requests for comment.

Is this going too far?

Is Santa a polarizing figure in your mind?

Now what is the school going to do since they created a precedent that when anyone complains about something they must deal with it in the same manner?

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