State Senator Rick Jones is looking for a few good volunteers, hoping to bring the Christian Nativity Scene back to the Capitol.

loading... is reporting that the Republican from Grand Ledge is so outraged at the prospect of a "Satanic display" there, that he's organizing an effort to "set up and take away" to give equal time to those who celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense.

"I’m a little outraged that a Satanic group has decided to steal a Christian holiday," said Jones.  "As a Christian, I think it’s important that we respond to this."

Jones launched the effort after hearing that the display from the Satanic Temple was approved in its request to set up on the north Capitol law from December 21 to December 23.

The article quotes the senator as saying the request reminds him of times gone by when lawmakers had to step to 'right the ship."

"It made me almost as angry as when Jennifer Granholm tried to call the Christmas tree a holiday tree, which she later reversed after much protest."

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