What is going on in some California high schools?

Parents are not very happy at one northern California high school. They recently learned that their children's sex education class is being taught by Planned Parenthood — and no one from the school informed them.

There is more: The materials Planned Parenthood uses asks the students if they are "ready for sex." They are also teaching children about gender identity using a "genderbread" diagram.

Parents are worried that Planned Parenthood is putting its agenda ahead of their children's needs. Some people may believe this program is pressuring students into having sex, instead of learning about the human body and reproduction. Planned Parenthood's program teaches about the use of water-based lubricants and how to ask the question, "Is it OK if I take my pants off?"

As expected, officials for the Planned Parenthood’s northern California region did not return requests for comment.

Would you be concerned that Planned Parenthood is teaching your children sex education?

Would you be concerned that your child's school did not inform you of this change?

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