Have you heard about the new business that's coming to Lansing's west side?

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There's a brand new event and entertainment space going into the Lansing Mall called The Venue, by Eleven 11 Events. It just opened on July 15th, taking over the old Tequila Cowboy Space in the mall.

It seems like The Venue is making excellent use of the large space, as they plan on hosting "weddings, corporate and networking events, parties, dances, reunions, live music, karaoke parties and more." That completes goes with what the owner, Phebit Ingram, said was the inspiration for this new venture;

We love celebrating people. Whether it's a celebrating life, celebrating death, celebrating milestone anniversaries, celebrating corporate parties or workstations, whatever it is perfect


The Lansing Mall

I'm glad to see some new life being breathed into the mall. That and the large space are really being taken advantage of. There are three large entertaining spaces along with three bars, and two stages, in addition to an outside seating area, which all-in-all fits around 900 people.

I remember going to so many shows at the old Tequila Cowboy, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for The Venue. It's always nice to see new businesses come to town, and sadly, the Lansing Mall has been lacking in those lately.

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If you wanted to see more or you're interested in booking a personal or professional event, you can request a tour and learn more on their website.

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