It's been a dream of mine to go all Dukes of Hazzard on a car. The closest I ever got was that time I accidentally went too fast over the railroad tracks in my mom's car in high school.

But there's something about catching some big air at 70 mph that sounded like a blast... until I saw this footage.

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A driver up in Ottawa County was caught on dashcam exceeding the speed limit by at least 30 mph in a construction zone, when they suddenly veered to the right, into the ditch, and then FLEW... I mean, TOOK OFF into the air.

This happened on Sunday on I-196 off 32nd Street in Jamestown Township. Michigan State Polivce uploaded the footage to twitter.

"#PSA Yesterday morning, Wayland Post Sgt. Aaron McCormick was in his marked patrol cruiser & witnessed this vehicle speeding within a clearly marked construction zone, w/b I-196 near 32nd, Jamestown Twp, Ottawa County.

I mean GEEZUS! Did you see that car? It was in the air for at LEAST two seconds! If the name of that cop chasing them isn't named Roscoe P. Coltrane, then it's a lost opportunity.

You'd think with all those cones, this driver wouldn't have any issue following the edge of the road (It's not like they outnumber potholes or anything).

Good news, though, the driver of this car only had minor injuries, though it is unclear as to whether any charges were filed, outside of maybe being issued a citation for speeding and one AWESOME JUMP!!!

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