For millions of Americans the last ten years have been lost in America and that is precisely why Donald Trump came away with the upset win on November 8, 2016. It wasn’t because of some sinister vein of racism running through middle America, or fake news and no not even the Russians were behind the lopsided Electoral College romp.

The reason Trump and his silent voters ruled the day is because of the loss of hope in the middle of the country. It is that simple.

People want a chance to go to work and earn their way in this life. Most people are not interested in handouts or government programs but they’d rather have a job and a shot at pursuing their individual form of happiness. It feels like the economy’s transmission has been stuck in second gear for a long time and millions were finally ready to power shift and mash the gas.

The future is now and it’s time for President-Elect Trump to deliver on his vision of winning so much that we get sick of winning. That will take an awful lot because I love winning and I cannot imagine getting sick of it.

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