The mainstream media is confused, bewildered and fuming mad. You see Donald Trump has figured out that for the most part they are not relevant to what his doing or what he is going to do in the White House. Trump tapped into the distrust of the media during his successful run to the White House in 2016 and the media as a whole did nothing to change the very negative perception so many hold.

One crushing revelation after another have left lasting impressions on Americans from all walks of life. I cannot find one person that thinks what Democratic operative Donna Brazille did while working for CNN is excusable on any level. She of course slipped Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance and then tried to deny it even though she was flat out busted.

The parade of Wikileaks documents, no matter their origin, showed example after example of major players in the news world including The New York Times, NBC and ABC among others openly colluding with the Democrats on stories and angles and narratives to be delivered as unbiased to the world.

Suspicions long held by many, including myself, about the integrity and honesty of the American press were fully realized and reinforced. On Election Day those open hostilities and biases were on full display for anyone to see in grotesquely naked terms. Major news personalities who haven’t bothered to actually cover regular Americans for decades were shocked when those ordinary folks rose up in mass and rejected the entire tainted narrative of Democratic politicians peddling Marxist Ideology.

Their outright snobbery is breathtaking. Make no mistake; it is clear that most members of the elite media hold most of America very much in contempt. How dare you have an idea, a thought or a point of view that deviates from what they push you to accept and endorse as not only true and accurate but beyond further discussion? They are sill shell-shocked that they and their relentless commentary about the way things are and should be was so roundly and soundly rejected.

The press is angry too. Very angry indeed. And they are not about to give up or give in to the overwhelming reality that they have made themselves and the institution of the press almost irrelevant in 2016. The New Year will likely deliver more blows to the old guards of the press. The New York Times as an example has been bleeding subscriptions for years and its biased coverage of the 2016 election has only hastened the once great papers downfall. Many of the once great papers of the nation will soon be in the ash heap of history, the pages no longer considered serious journalism or credible news.

The cry of ‘fake news’ has been echoing through the once full corridors as the editors and publishers flail and kick, desperately trying to remain pertinent to the conversation and sullying just about anyone who takes a different point of view.

Donald Trump has fully understood this changing phenomenon of how millions of Americans and those around the world get their news for a long time. He has successfully written best selling books and hosted top rated TV programs. He didn’t master those ships by not understanding how to craft a message. What he did that was really impressive however was how he was able to craft that message against the adversity of battling all major news outlets here and in many foreign countries as well.

The ‘Big 3’ networks are still dominant in the number of viewers they capture every day but that number is so much smaller than it was just a year or two ago that ignoring the facts on the ground will cost you significantly. Almost every single major newspaper in America for example endorsed Hillary Clinton for President; there were nearly 60 papers in all in her column and it didn’t mean a thing. What really stings folks at the Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Herald and The LA Times is the nearly universal loss of influence. The just don’t matter much anymore. A candidate is just as likely to appear on the Comedy Channel or mindless morning chatterbox TV shows than to sit down with an actual working journalist.

When Donald Trump sends out a Tweet, it gets covered. Why? Well because it has real impact and it is real news. When he made comments about Boeing in a positive light, the companies stock went up. When he was equally negative about Lockheed Martin, that company saw a sharp decline in the company value. Trump figured out a long time ago that he could shoot a message to the masses and not have to worry about how the messenger might interpret and change his words. He goes straight to the consumer; there is no need for printed word, or television cameras or even a microphone. He just talks to people directly.

Of course all the major news outlets say this will not work in the long term and he simply must have more press conferences and interviews with mainstream reporters. Of course they are the same folks that told you he was ‘not a serious candidate’, ‘would not get the Republican nomination’ and certainly could ‘not win the White House’ by getting past Hillary Clinton. As I recall some of the folks telling you what to think now had Trumps chances of winning The White House at less than 1 percent. Go ahead and print it, it’s a wrap.

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