Donald Trump marked the first day of the 115th Congress by rolling back changes to Congressional ethics rules and declaring a major domestic victory for Ford Motor Company.

First Trump shot down the idea of watering down the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics and it didn’t take long for the effort led by Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte to be reversed. Goodlatte and others wanted to prevent the little known office from being able to take up criminal charges against members of Congress or talk to the press. The vote in favor of the move was a voice vote only and no member of Congress is officially on the record supporting the gutting of the office.

Trump chided lawmakers that there were far bigger priorities like the economy, tax reform and repairing the nations wobbly healthcare system. The President-Elect used his favorite and most potent tool the Tweet in blasting the ethics moves. Once again it proved to be a formidable weapon in politics.

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