Oh how the mighty keep falling. Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush are the latest high profile members of the national media to get torn asunder by the national appetite to eviscerate and hold accountable those that have used their power and position to pursue demand and in some cases take by force sexual encounters with women in the sphere of their influence.

Rose has carefully cultivated an image of calm, sincere, and honest over 30 years in front of the camera and microphone. That all came crumbling down with reports from at least 8 women who accuse him of lewd behavior, unwanted sexual advances, walking around naked, groping women’s breasts, buttocks, and genitals. Rose’s accusers were all employees or aspired to be at PBS. The accusations cover a period of time from 1990 through at least 2011. Rose has been suspended by both PBS in the wake of the devastating accusations and by CBS where he leads that network with CBS This Morning and is a member of the legendary 60 Minutes team.

So far, no women connected to CBS have come forward with similar accusations but trust me, they soon will.

Meanwhile at the New York Times, Glenn Thrush a Senior Reporter that was hired to cover the White House in January is facing an onslaught of similar accusations and has also been suspended. Three of those women remained anonymous but in the article published by Vox the other, Laura McGann wrote the article herself, in the first person.

How many others are huddling, trembling and wondering if it will be their own name trending on Twitter tomorrow morning? It is a scary time to be a member of the mainstream media. It is funny how those on the left crowed so loudly when Bill O’Reilly was sent packing by Fox News for sexual harassment accusations but find themselves choking on crow these days as the elite media continues to get rocked by one sex scandal after another.

It does give you pause to consider whether these leading media voices, who clearly lied daily to perfect their public persona’s should also be looked at closer when it comes to the stories they covered and those they didn’t. I mean if they lied about sexual abuse and assault why would we give them credibility when it comes to the news stories they reported on?

Makes you wonder if the sex scandal leads to the deeper concern of fake news.

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