The storm is close now and 2019 will not be like any political year in history. The left has had a building fury since the evening of November 8 th , 2016. Democrats downplayed the idea of impeaching The President during the 2018 midterms. They spoke up and stoked the fires of division and pointed to Russian collusion and the guilty pleas and verdicts related to those in the President’s orbit. The liberals however remained disciplined and on message. The sales pitch last year was health care and the Middle Class. The campaigns for Democrats avoided almost any discussion of investigations and gridlock that will surely come with them.

That was a ruse.

The focus beginning now and for the next two years will be almost exclusively on how to separate The President and The White House. It will be a near impossible job just as it was in the 1990’s. Without blatant evidence of crimes including using foreign governments to swing the election, illegal cover-ups or some other tangible smoking gun the Republican led Senate will never convict. And that means- short of getting the goods, this will be a full-on exercise and public display of blatant futility.

Never mind however because they intend to do it anyway.

It really doesn’t matter to them whether or not they can get The President tossed out right now. The real target is 2020 and making sure that he is not reelected by a bunch of backwater rednecks that cannot possibly understand how important this is. Those fools that cling to guns and religion must be relegated back to the dark ages where they belong!

The message delivered by Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Liberals, Marxists, Communists, Social Justice Warriors, Environmental Justice Warriors, those that are generally offended by America and Americans, open border supporters, Sanctuary everything supporters, vegans, Hollywood make believe specialists and of course the members of the media carrying water for them every single day will simply be; we have made a terrible mistake and we must rip the nation out of the hands of these degenerate fools that actually think the Constitution, the Bill of  Rights and the rule of law actually matter. We cannot allow these people to have power one day longer than necessary.

Therefore you will see the political oceans turn red with the blood of anyone who dares trying to stop this frenzy. The attacks on The President as a racist, misogynist, homophobic knuckle dragging Neanderthal will not only continue but they will, believe it or not be ramped up in the days and weeks to come.

The frequency, intensity and pure speculative nature of the ad hominem attacks will also increase to an F5 level- like we have never seen in our lifetimes. Everything will be free game and I mean everything. If you think going back to rifle through high school yearbooks to manufacture dirt was an aberration then you are not paying attention. That was child’s play compared to the vitriolic self- righteous storm we are about to witness as it sets in on Washington DC and the swamp.

The so called investigators in Congress and so called journalists on the streets will soon be demonstrating on a daily and sometimes hourly basis that there is no place they will not go, no bar they won’t lower in pursuit of their quarry and no sense of decency they will not violate to prove they are right- and they know what is best for everyone.

They “investigations” in Congress will begin with immediate demands for The Presidents tax returns. This is the gold mine they seek because anyone with half a brain can figure out if you can rip those tax returns apart and go back 25 years like we have already seen then they know no one is safe. Digging that deep can create a real return on political investment.

Trump will resist these attempts and Tweet like never before. The battle lines will be drawn quickly and camps will be formed and re-formed.

This will be a political war like you have never seen because in the end it is really about the heart and soul of America because this really isn’t about President Trump directly but rather about the future of the republic and whether America will be a nation of individuals and liberty or a nation of tyrants with ever more weight on it’s citizens.

Much of this war will focus on the heartland in places like Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. These have become the frontlinds in the war-zones of America’s political frontier. However, what we witnessed in 2016 and 2018 might well be considered mere skirmishes in retrospect compared to what is about to unfold. Mark my words.

It might be time to consider; where do you stand?

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