So much in the news lately about all the great new developments and upgrades in the Lansing area.  Many new businesses are opening, as well as apartment complexes being built and remodeled.  There are also some old buildings getting remodeled and turning into new residential living communities.

Bring it on I say.  Some new developments and projects may also need our help, which is fine because we need to make the Lansing area be the best it can be and help folks who are less fortunate than us.

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City Rescue Mission Getting Bigger

Well, this just in The City Rescue Mission is gonna be getting bigger in Downtown Lansing, I live down the street from this shelter and it is a small building. says with enough donations, they're hoping to start renovations by the end of 2022.

Mark Criss, executive director of The City Rescue Mission, said they purchased two buildings about a year ago. We purchased 603 and 605 E. Michigan with the idea of being able to expand for the men's ministry. The renovations will interconnect the buildings and create a larger dining area, a larger chapel, more showers, and room for more beds.


The shelter now has about 70 folks staying there. They have another 25 beds around for overflow. So with the new renovations that should add another 20 beds or so.

This is such a big help to the community and I do plan to help out, and they are hoping you can too. The Rescue Mission still needs money to finish all they have planned.

It will end up costing about $3.3 million to finish. So far they have raised about $1 million. Still, a long way to go.

Here is How You Can help

They plan to apply for a grant next year. The money that they've raised so far comes from donations from the community. If you can help with a donation please do so at

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