I am still amazed at how the American government with the help of it’s friends in the big pharmacy companies were able to contort data for 60 years and lead us to believe that there was a relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. Very quietly the government just this year snuck into it’s nutrition guidelines that cholesterol is not a ‘nutrient of concern.’ Really?

For 60 years we have been told to avoid eggs and bacon and steak. We have been told we needed to eat a ‘healthy’ diet of grass and bark and other related items if we wanted to reach retirement. The truth is, science never supported the premise that cholesterol was dangerous to our health and now 6 decades later it’s all being exposed.

The big problem however is that $20 billion dollars a year are spent on statin drugs and those profits aren’t easy to walk away from. In fact, despite the obvious lies that have been perpetuated on Americans for two generations, big pharma isn’t slowing down. Actually it’s quite to the contrary. If the big drug companies that make Lipitor, Crestor and other statin drugs have their way nearly 100 million Americans will be taking these pills by the end of the year.

Why would we continue to take pills for a problem that simply does not exist? Simple, because it will take years for the public to catch up and realize the hoax that has been going on and put an end to it. In the meantime billions more will roll in. The truth is drug company execs were aware of this nonsense and not only let it continue but are pushing for it to expand. Somebody needs to go to jail. You see these statin drugs, like many other heavy duty pharmaceuticals have serious potential side effects including strokes, blood clots and yes even heart attacks.

It is time to stop the madness and admit everything we have been told by the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association and the US Government itself regarding cholesterol and heart disease was a lie.

Wake up America!