Hillary Clinton, the newly reminted frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination says she is riding around the country in a van nicknamed ‘Scoobey’ on a listening tour. She is appearing in small coffee joints and burrito shops to chew the fat with ‘ordinary’ people. Maybe she is trying to find out what it means to be ordinary. After all we’ve learned she hasn’t driven a car in more than 20 years and is more accustomed to her demanding traveling by private jet.

The real question though is what is she running on? What is her campaign about? It seems nobody really knows. The questions are pouring in. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders an avowed communist who votes with the Democrats says he has no idea what she is running on. New York City Mayor and Ultra-Liberal Bill DeBlasio made a very public snub of his former boss this week. When pressed on whether he will be supporting her he dodged the opportunity to say “He wanted to hear more.” Really? Hillary has been in the public eye since 1992 and now the standard bearer of the extreme left says he needs to hear more. When pressed DeBlasio dodged again by saying it’s April with more than a year and a half to go. He simply would not put his chips on the table.

The truth is Hillary is not laying out any real policy positions. She just keeps saying she is “on the front lines to hear” from regular people before she lays out her agenda for America.

Right now it is clear Hillary’s run for the White House is much like Seinfeld- it’s about nothing at all but it’s kinda fun to watch. Where to next Scoobey?