Getty Images By: Paul Almasy

First let me say that I and everyone I know would all agree that all people, men and women, gay or straight, white or non-white should get equal pay for equal work.

Remember the key is Equal pay for Equal work.  Meaning, that you must compare a person working in one job to another person working in that SAME job.

The problem many of us have are the statistics that people are using to push their agenda.

For example when you hear statistics like: per the U.S. Census Bureau data women make 77.1 cents for every dollar a man makes, know that that numbers means absolutely nothing in context of the issue of equal pay for equal work.

Why do I say that statistic means absolutely nothing, because that statistic looks at the entire universe of jobs held by women and then compares them to the entire universe of jobs held by men.  That number does not compare apples to apples but compares apples to an entire farm and all the products produced on that farm.

That number compares a female teenager scooping ice cream to a male working on an oil rig in the ocean.

Does that sound fair and balanced to you?

So yes it is good to debate equal pay for EQUAL work but not equal pay to a bag of potatoes

Remember many who are for one side or another of an issue are only agenda driven and the end justifies the means.

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