We sure have enjoyed our summer like weather here in Michigan the past few days. Even with the rain the temps have been quite enjoyable to hot! One thing we can all count on changing is the weather, and this weekend Michigan is going to feel it. When you go to bed Friday night, it will be a totally different feel when you get up and go outside Saturday.
Our hot and humid temperatures are taking a break with a cold front moving into Michigan Friday. Many places in Michigan may not even hit 70 degrees on Saturday, which is the norm for this time of year. We will be experiencing clear skies, along with light winds, which will make it even colder on Sunday.

There isn’t a threat for frost over the southern two-thirds of Lower Michigan. We will all cool off into the low-40s for southern Lower. The chilly areas of interior northern Lower Michigan, like Cadillac, Grayling and Gaylord, will have temperatures just a few degrees above freezing. Of course frost will be likely in those areas. The Upper Peninsula will also be frosty Sunday morning.

So whatever your weekend plans are, whether you are headed to your cottage, camping or just taking a road trip up north for the weekend, be sure to bring a jacket or sweat shirt, because it will be noticeably colder. The good news, after Sunday we are back to our warmer temperatures for this time of year.

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