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The President delivered a barn burner on night 4 of The Republican National Convention. His focus on the greatness of America and the risk the nation faces if it chooses an openly Socialist path forward with the Democrats.
Democrats Belittle Black RNC Speakers
“Uncle Tom” was one of the top trending topics on Twitter Tuesday morning following the opening night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) that featured several Black men making the case for Donald Trump to be re-elected.
Monster Hurricane Laura grew bigger than ever expected
The storm was supposed to be a modest Cat 1 or maybe a 2 but Hurricane Laura grew quickly into a monster Cat 4 on Wednesday and now the storm has made landfall and the extent of the damage is still being determined. It could well over shadow the President Trump Show for day 4 of the RNC. The Preside…
Three Big Things you need to know
The President made a couple of appearances at The Republican National Convention, where he will be seen every single day and he will be pitching the surging economy, cheering American Greatness, and highlighting the fallacy of Socialism. The dangerous agenda of Joe Biden and the Bernie Bros.