Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

In Kenosha Wisconsin, a 17 year old Juvenile was arrested for the murder of two rioters. Its all part of the aftermath of the shooting of Jacob Blake, but video shows some of the so-called victims with handguns and police won’t say if Blake had a gun in his car. Governor Evers asks President Trump for help!

Day 3 of The Republican National Convention featured a parade of Genuine American Voices again and included Vice President Mike Pence and his wife. Plus America’s Governor Kristi Noem, NFL Great Burgess Owens and more.

The biggest moments included.

The storm was supposed to be a modest Cat 1 or maybe a 2 but Hurricane Laura grew quickly into a monster Cat 4 on Wednesday and now the storm has made landfall and the extent of the damage is still being determined. It could well over shadow the President Trump Show for day 4 of the RNC. The Presidents speech is slated for tonight, but with everything going on. What he does and what he talks about nobody knows.

First the devastation of Laura.

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