Governor Snyder is using a page from an old play book in creating buzz for his campaign for a second term--a Super Bowl ad.

But did the ad hit the mark?  Some say yes, but others disagree.

Those who liked the ad, in which the governor was referred to as "The Comeback Kid", say it was well done and showed what Snyder has done in his first years in office when Michigan was thought of as a falling state that was a shadow of what it once was.

Others, though, question the use of the term "Comeback Kid" saying the ad focused too much on Snyder and not enough--if at all--on what his plans are for the future of the state.

Reaction was similar, though, to the governor's first Super Bowl ad in which he referred to himself as "One Tough Nerd".  Some feel the governor should have stuck with that theme, saying it worked in the past by striking a cord with voters..