The search is continuing today for a suspect in connection with the death of a Michigan State University sophomore on Friday.

20 yea rold Dominique Nolff of Middleville was found shot at an apartment at Cedar Village in East Lansing about a mile from the university.  He died a short time later at the hospital.

Another student wounded in that attack, being identified only as a 20 year old male from Grand Haven,  is now working with police in trying to identify the suspect and a motive for the attack.  Police are only saying at this point they do not believe the shooting was a random attack.

The State News at Michigan State is reporting a candlelight vigil was held Sunday as friends came together to remember Nolff who was described as a friendly and optimistic person who was focused on his future.  The News reports as well that funeral arrangements are as yet incomplete.

Meanwhile, just hours later--early Saturday morning--there was another shooting at an off-campus complex.  This time at Ferris State University.  There, a student was wounded in an attack at the Venlo Apartment Complex;.  The shooter there is also still being sought.

Sporting events were canceled over the weekend as police searched for the gunman.