My father in law was the inspiration for this bucket list adventure. Many years ago, he got in his car in Grand Ledge, and decided to go as far north as he could in Michigan. Nine hours later, he ended up at Copper Harbor.

Now if you have never been to the Keweenaw Peninsula on the very northern tip of Michigan, it’s an experience to behold.

The views overlook Lake Superior, many visitors have described it as “The best of the Lake.” If you are an explorer, you will find Ghost towns, abandoned mines, and haunted mine tours. In the 1800s and early 1900s, copper was mined in this part of our state. But if history is not your thing, you certainly won’t complain about the scenery and the views.
You will find a little bit of everything outdoors here. There’s fishing and hiking trails, and some of these trails have quite a view. You will find some of the walking and biking trails are less than a mile long, with elevations over 1000 feet.

There are guided and self-guided tours, lakes and beaches, waterfalls, ATV trails, and so much more to discover. Copper Harbor is called the gateway to Isle Royale. This unique island National Park is an archipelago of wilderness in beautiful Lake Superior. No vehicular travel ensures peace for the residents, like moose and wolves, and for the visitor, who can escape to this special place and explore by foot or boat.

My wife and I are hoping to make this trip either this fall or next. It’s definitely a bucket list item we're doing. Some family members have already made the trip to the tip of Michigan. Are you ready to experience a little bit of heaven? You may find it here!

Copper Harbor Michigan

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