From the news desk of Steve Gruber:

The biggest things you need to know today.

The President has commuted the sentence of his long-time friend and sometimes advisor Roger Stone. The move has the Left howling like smashed cats, screaming about Presidential power and so forth, just like they NEVER did with Barack Obama.

Two— The US Army is investigating a handout that was given to soldiers that called Make America Great Again, a statement of White Supremacy and therefore anyone who likes the slogan is of course a racist. That really is how lazy these people are  no argument? Well just scream racism!

One— There is certainly an increase in Covid cases and now patients in the United States is dealing with a strong uptick that is putting pressure on hospital and medical resources. The President appears in public wearing a mask for the very first time.

The battle over masks and what to do about the virus continues across the country with some saying you can’t make anyone put one on others say they can have you arrested for not doing so.

Hour 2—

Three— LeBron James says he will not be putting a social justice message on his LA Lakers NBA jersey. He says what he wants to say about things would never fit on the back of his jersey. I wonder if that will pacify the anarchists?

Two— John Solomon says there are indictments coming fairly soon in the John Durham Justice Department investigation into the Russian Collusion Hoax and those that tried to knock out the President are in danger of facing jail time.

One— The numbers of positive Covid cases in America is on the rise in part it appears because the number of people infected is ticking up but also because 3-million people a week or more are getting tested and now I know people that have tested positive, a few in fact, so the metric is changing but what does it really mean?

Does it mean emptying out the jails and prisons?

Does it mean shutting down the economy and locking in the economic disaster we are seeing in many places?

Does it mean no school for the kids this fall?

Hour 3—

Three— If the Big Ten doesn’t play football this fall, what does that mean to the people that are working every week to provide food and beverages to fans and football players?What does it mean for TV revenue? What does it mean for everyone?

Two— With Michigan State and others declaring all classes will be on-line this fall—how can they continue to demand payment in full when everyone knows the experience will not be anywhere near what students were expecting.

One— Governor Whitmer’s decision to criminalize the act of not wearing a mask in public is being met with plenty of resistance by members of the public who question if she has the authority to do so. Meanwhile a lot of folks are really getting red-faced angry over the absence of the Legislature during all of this. Where are the Republicans?


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