Well, the facts may not matter a lot in some places, but they matter here every single day.

Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number three - the Democrats are hoping to change the subject to anything but impeachment in some areas as they head toward Iowa New Hampshire. In fact, they are so concerned. They just scheduled a pile of new debates.

Number two - voters in the UK. What do the polls say? Yes. After day in the biggest vote since Brexit, and once again the British the Irish reject globalist Elites, in fact liberals took their worst beating since 1935.

Number one. The idiocy that is impeachment continues at a breakneck speed except that the Democrats to end the brakes last night so they can be well rested before they go in front of the cameras again today.

I swear Jerry Nadler called the called the committee and said hey, we'll be back tomorrow.

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