Its beginning to look like no Democrats have an interest in truth. I am Steve Gruber—God Bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show!

And here are 3 Big Things you need to know right now:

Number 3—The United States may be sending thousands of additional soldiers to the Middle East. That is the report coming from the Pentagon—the question is why now?

Number 2—Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she is directing the Chairman of the committees that they run to draft articles of impeachment based on not a single identifiable crime, but don’t ask a leftist to admit that. After all, they have been working on this for more than two and a half years—what???

Number 1—For the next few weeks and months, do not forget what this is really all about. And that is the seat held by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That is the sub-text of what you are witnessing—because the left will say a President under an impeachment investigation shall not choose someone for the Supreme Court.

But first—and this seems like a very strange time for this breaking story BUT Willy Nelson has stopped smoking weed!!!

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