Here are Three Big Things you need to know.

NO Big Mac for you. NO Whopper for you! Fast food restaurants are on the wrong end of walkouts around the country as workers say they are not being kept safe from Covid-19 and they think they should be paid more too.

The Nigerian Prince you thought was sending you $20 Million dollars from his will is actually getting the cash by stealing states like Maryland blind. It’s all part of a massive unemployment scam. Several states have been targeted, New York and Michigan, were spared because even citizens cannot get benefits.

The cries of doom and gloom are echoing through Florida and Texas as Coronavirus positive tests are jumping and in the sunshine state a new record number of daily deaths at 145, but remember it’s a states of 22.5 Million people. One of the outbreaks sadly impacted a nursing home and we know how that goes.

Also there is a surge in Texas, Arizona and Southern California and why is that? Well because even with miles of new fence Covid positive illegals are still getting in.


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