Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Joe Biden's wife is giving tougher interviews than her husband, but she says don’t worry he will be there to debate President Trump in a few weeks.

The devastation in Beirut Lebanon is still being established. The Mediterranean nations capital was ripped by a huge explosion. The source is still being determined.

Governors in several states are moving swiftly to lock down the economies again and while President Trump is trying to get America back moving and only suggesting the National Guard should stop rioters and those burning down our cities. Blue State Governors are calling on State Police to hammer those who don’t comply with their Executive Orders. They want their own citizens stopped, fined, and even jailed if they refuse to comply.

The most recent, Governor Whitmer in Michigan, ordering the State Police to start aggressive enforcement policies with you and me!

But she won’t stop sending infected patients into nursing homes!

And in New York City The health commish, says bye bye DeBlasio. You're an idiot!


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