Straight From The Steve Gruber News Desk.

A Bald Eagle, playing the role of Karen, clearly irate over social distancing failures and mask mandates saw a violator in Michigans Upper Peninsula and took matters into its own well talons I guess, and ripped the offender literally from the sky. I will explain.

The President makes history at The White House on Thursday with another milestone in Middle East Peace. This time he has shepherded a deal for peace between Israel and The United Arab emirates. Nobody saw this groundbreaking deal coming but President Trump got it done! PS- Mr President- the number is 888-900-9966—call me!

And in one of the strangest political shows ever, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris flee from cameras for the second time in just 2 days. I mean, do these two realize that people running for President and Vice President pretty much always run toward the cameras. Soak up the press and especially soft ball questions from the likes of the far left American media.

Old Joe and Kamala also support wearing masks outdoors for at least the next 3 months. Maybe forever and then in the shower and in bed too!

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