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Another radical leftist wins election over a left leaning member of Congress and how many more will fall to the leftists in the streets demanding an end to police protection and an end to everything that really has made America great.

Sally Yates the former Acting Attorney General says she had no idea what James Comey and his people were up to and she never would have signed the FISA warrants that allowed the Federal Government to spy on the Trump campaign. If she really knew what was going on.

Joe Biden must give his staff panic attacks every time he heads into an interview, if life is like a box of chocolates. Biden interviews are lock a box of Chocked full of nuts. I mean you never know what kind of weird rambling response you might get from old Joe.

In an interview with Errol Barnett of CBS News as part of the National Association of Black Journalists,The former VP, really lost his bearings.

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